Physical fitness exercise

Physical fitness is a state of well being which got achieved through a combination of regular physical exercise and balanced diet as well as other practices that that promotes good health.


Physical exercise is which is not boring as well as relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.

The main benefit of being physically fit is that it reduces the risk of heart disease which ultimately leads to death also it helps to decrease the risk of diseases like stroke, colon cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Performing exercise regularly maintains the performance of your lungs, heart and also burn off excess calorie which keeps your weight under control. If you are physically fit then you will have good muscular strength, flexibility, and endurance.



It is the ability to move quickly across the ground and also speed is important dash point for skill related components of physical fitness.

Speed = Distance/time


In fact speed is the rate at which something moves and it usually measured in m/sec or km/h.

It is used in many sports like sprinting, triathlons, marathons, swimming and much more.

Speed can be measured in many ways but if you want to test your speed specifically to your sport so divide your distance in shorter time periods.


It is crucial component for physical fitness. Flexibility defined as the ability to move a joint in full range of motion.

If you want to improve your flexibility then you must perform gymnastics, yoga and stretch on a regular basis also repeat your exercise for 2-3 times daily.

Good flexibility helps one to gain good posture and also to reduce soreness of muscles.

Reaction time:

Reaction time is a core component of physical fitness as it to the time taken by the neuromuscular system to produce movement.

Example of reaction time is when you move your foot from accelerator to the brake.

Additionally it greatly influenced by genetic orders.

If you want to test your reaction time then you must go through Reaction Time ruler test or Reaction Time Tester.


It is a vital component of physical fitness as it the ability to select correct muscle at the right time and with proper intensity to achieve proper action.

Three motor skills required to complete task:

  1. Fine motor skills like writing, drawing, etc.
  2. Gross motor skills like walking, running, etc.
  3. Hand-eye skills like catching a ball, sewing, etc.

If you want to test coordination then go through Finger to nose test or Finger to Finger to test.


It is the ability to maintain body in equilibrium and in line of gravity.

There are two types of balance:

  1. static  balance
  2. Dynamic balance

Static balance is a balance when our body is stationary example holding a handstand in yoga and can be tested easily using stalk balance test.

Dynamic balance occurs when athlete in motion example can be constantly running.

In fact having good balance means you will have minimum energy waste.


The formula of BMI is weight in kg/height in meters square and is an appropriate way to check your weight.

If BMI is less then 18.5 then one is underweight and If BMI is 18.5 to 24.9 then you are healthy weight.

If BMI is 24.9 to 29.9 then one is overweight.

BMI is 30 or higher then one is obese.



Aerobic exercise can be easily done at home with a little or no equipment. And these exercises are very easy and helpful part of physical exercise and help to maintain your well being.

Some of the vary basic aerobic exercise include rope jumping, Zumba and much more.


If you know a little bit of Zumba on your won then this will be super beneficial if you want to do this exercise at home. You take help of a trainer as well.

This exercise will help you to tones your entire body also maintain good coordination.

This have to be stated that drink a lot of water during the class and so wear exercise shoes.


For this exercise the equipment you will be needing is a stationery bike.

Always make sure that you follow the precaution and guidelines before starting exercise on the stationary bike because that will reduce the chances of your falling out. Make sure to adjust the bike according to your height and follow all the necessary guidelines of your trainer.



According to various studies it has been found that regular walking can improve memory as well as resist age related memory loss.

You must remember that although walking is simple but yet powerful as it can help you improve cholesterol level, stay trim and also increase the strength of bones.

You only need a pair of well-fitting shoes and walk for about 10 to 15 minutes and you can gradually increase the time period up to 25-30 minutes.


Swimming helps to do full body workout as it uses maximum of the muscles.

Swimming is amazing exercise for  physical fitness

If one stressed due to overtime or any other purpose then one go for swimming as it will make you feel relaxes as well as stress-free. Also if we swim on a daily basis then we can easily burn calories and remain physical fit which will immediately lower the risk of heart diseases.

Tai chi:

Tai chi a Chinese art which is mainly called “meditation in motion”. This martial art combines movement and relaxation

For both body and mind.

Tai chi program is easily available and accessible for all ages and fitness level at the local YMCA, health club, community centre, or senior citizen centre.

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