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Well, the people who read books of any kind, including fiction books, happiness books, personality development books or any other kind. Those people know what self-help books are and which books are the best self-help books.

But for those who don’t know what self-help books are, so let me help you all.

Self Help books are the books which are written by keeping in view the perspective of the readers and to solve their problems regarding their personal problems, to motivate them to achieve their goals in life, to make them look at the positive side of their life, to inspire them.


People need self-help books for many reasons, one may need to discover their own self some may must some inspirations and motivation.

The reasons why people needs self-help books are:

1)  After reading a good book one is able to discover their own self way much better and start their lives with a different perspective.

2) These books provide motivation and inspirations.

3) You stop living within your limit, you EXPAND.

4) You create your own principles

But only reading a book is not effective until one apply those principles in their own lives and that living life in a different way with having a different perspective of their lives.

So Just don’t read apply those principles in your life and then you will be able to see those changes in your life.

So, here is a list of best self-help books, everyone should read in 2019, to seek happiness with yourself:


How can this happen that in the list the great self-help books don’t come to the name of “THE SECRET”.  This is written by Rhonda Byrne is one of the most inspiring books one should read. This book has been inspiring, motivating people around the world to live the life of their dreams.

This book teaches a person to be grateful for every morning and for everything happens to you in your day to day lives.

Law of attraction of THE SECRET book is the most important aspect of the book. This law suggests that like attracts like, and our lives are what we think daily.

For example, if a person is searching for a job then he/she must believe in themselves that they will get it. Because if they will think negative, they will attract negative. So if one thinks positive they attract positive things and vice versa.


Published originally in 1962 and is one best book for self-development.

This is best for those who appeal to seek the peace of mind, self-development, love and happiness and inner peace and inner strength. This book is structured in a way that teaches its reader what is the power of the subconscious mind?

This states that how a thinking mound a person’s life. It states that a person is what is going in their subconscious.

This is one of the great self-help books, especially who are seeking for self-development and inner peace.


Written by one of the bestselling authors of the New York Times, Jen Sincero.

This is surely a life-changing book and a guide to making the kind of money one always dreams of.

It provides some principle that everyone should follow in the path of their journey to success:

1. If your surroundings, friends don’t support you it is the time to walk out from there and begin a new start.

2. Care less about what people think about you and start it right now.

3. Set your goals and always stay focussed

This book is the best motivational book one can read.


This book is written by Napoleon Hill in 1936. this book aims to provide guidelines to people to motive them and to make them achieve what they want. Even after the death of Napoleon Hill is a book is still in the list of the most motivating and inspirational books.

Napoleon Hill states that desire is the most important of all. If one can’t have a desire to achieve something they can’t achieve that.

Some vital principle of “Think and grow rich” are:


Even today it is very difficult to deny the persistence of his ideas and their relevance in today’s world.

If someone applies those principles in their life surely they will be benefitted. Just reading a book doesn’t make any sense until and unless it is applied in real life.


This book is written by Paulo Coelho in 1988. The genre of this book is Drama, fiction and fantasy. But according to me, this book is one of the greatest self-help book.

This book teaches that always pursue your dreams and always do what your heart desires.

It does not matter what you do make sure what you do is what your soul and heart desire.

In THE ALCHEMIST a young boy who is shepherd listen to his heart and pursue his dreams. And he outgrows all obstacle’s just by doing what his heart and soul desires.

Sometimes you win sometimes you learn. One’s journey to success is never a bed of roses, it is always a herculean task. If one’s fail in between don’t give up because you will learn something from that.

Always remember, “FOLLOW YOUR HEART”


Don’t judge a book by its name, this principle applies to this book. What came in your mind when you read this title? Well inside its nothing like that.

This book is written by Canadian author, Robin Sharma. The book is divided into 101 small chapters. Which give various perspectives and guidelines to improve one personality, self-development, how to stay focus in your life.

There are 101 chapters of 1-2 page each which focus on different principles of life.

I recommend this book is best when you are undergoing a dark phase of your life. A person struggles daily with many problems. But this book can bring the much-required light in their life and one will start seeing the positive side of everything, feel motivated and start living his/her dreams.


This one teaches some principle, how can one develop themselves to attract people and to win friends, these are:

  1. Give a genuine  and sincere appreciation to a person
  2. Indulge in a good conversation and also let the other people talk about themselves
  3. Be honest
  4. Sincerely make other  people feel special, do it sincerely
  5. Be a good listener
  6. Ask questions, don’t  give orders directly

I truly recommend this book if one’s want to improve personality and for those seeking self-improvement.

Some people may think and extroverts have a lot of friends and introvert need these type of self development . One shoul read this


8.  Who moved my cheese?

This book is  written by Spencer Johnson .

This book mainly focus on change. Change is the only constant thing.

The famous quote of this book is “Life moves on , so should we”.

It states that one should accept that change is a necessity and should positively accept that.

It is the basic human behaviour they tends to lazy and always follow up that regular and old routine. But in this ever-changing world, one should always adopt the change positively.

A person should prepare themselves from the likely unknown future events or any kind of threats in future.

This book States that :

  • Moniter the change
  • Prepare for that change
  • Adapt the change
  • Enjoy the change.


This book is written by Elizabeth Gitbert and got published in 2015.

This book is divided into 6 sections , which are:

  • Courage
  • Enchantment
  • Permisision
  • Persistence
  • Trust
  • Divinity

This book focuses on creative living and states that one should search for the hidden treasures within themselves and start living by pursuing that this is known as creative living.

 This book also consists of a story of rejection and how it is all a matter of perspective.

Do give it a read and find out your hidden treasurer and live the life of your dreams.


Written by Rachel Hollis, this book grabs the attention of the reader towards 20 lies which were told to them. Because all of these lies hold a person back in their lives and stop them from pursuing the goals of their lives.

These lies shouldn’t be hear anymore .

She focuses and encourage entertainment, be confident, and pursues the dreams they always wanted to because there is nothing holding them back.

This book shows how to live life passion, hustle and teaches that one should never give up on their dreams.

It focuses mainly on the female readers and this book makes you ask a question from yourself, “ girl, how many times you contradict ourselves.

I Want us to take these lessons from this post:

  1. It does not matter want people to think about you, do what you love.
  2. Be YOU
  3. Stop living in your comfort zone
  4. Overcome fear
  5. Follow your heart
  6. Expand yourself and self-knowledge
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