In present scenario sneakers are most demanded and the most comfortable footwear and this is the reason almost everyone owns a lot pair of these.

So, here are some of the ways to style your sneakers and rock and roll your look effortlessly.

1.  Put on low-rider socks:

      In order to style sneakers with jeans or t-shirt dress go sockless or if you are the person who is just addicts to warm feet and you are not comfortable without socks and just have a stock of low rider socks. That will not cover your ankle and also give you a stunning look.

2. Go with the one which patches:

     There are a number of style and form in which sneakers are available in the market. Now the most trending is the one with different patches of flowers , emoji’s and many others. And that look just fabulous and trendy.

3. Cuff your pants:

    Just fold your pants in cuff above ankle and show some skin and pair that with white or any solid color sneaker to complete the look . and you will look stunning.

4. Roll with the fun pants:

Fun pants are just the most comfortable and the most in the trends. Pair that look with a simple tee and your favourite white sneakers. It will make you feel like you are in your PJs and that is the most comfortable outfit and give the most stunning look.

Tell in the comment section, which is your best way to style sneakers?