So we are living in the age of internet, numbers of online shopping websites and app are giving us endless choice to what to wear especially by suggesting us what celebrities have worn at any event. So, is it necessary that to celebrate your birthday in pink glitzy one piece just because kylie Jenner wore that? It is not necessary that it will suit you the same way.

So there are some essentials which everyone must own in 2019.So there are some essentials which everyone must own in 2019.


Denim jumpsuits are something that won’t get out of trend so soon. They are here for a longer period. You can wear it at any party styling with some heels, or even to daily use like in college, styling them with white sneakers. And u will slay in the look. You can invest in denim jumpsuit, because they will definitely be “paisa vasool”.


Keep your feet’s warmer and happy with boots. Some of you might think before investing in them that it is just a winter thing but the ans is no, you can pair them with denim skirts and some other dresses and slay the look.


These are the most favourite and the most comfortable dresses to wear, you can wear it in any party with some additional pair of accessories. Also u can rock and roll this dresses even in college just pair it with the perfect earing and it will give you a perfect boho chic


The perfect pair of sneakers is a must to have. Because it can make your outfit more stunning. And give it a complete look.


If you don’t own a lot of strips shirts or t shirts, just go and invest in them and you can pair them with denims or a skirt, it will give you a super cool look.


If you are a college student then, there is nothing better than loose t-shirts, especially in summer. They are my personal favourites and when you pair them with denim or with shorts along with sneakers. There is nothing comfortable and cool than these.


There are is a huge variety of denim jacket in the market, there are different for winters, spring, summer depending upon the fabric used. And denim is not going out of trends so soon. So invest in them and have an effortlessly cool look.

Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.

Bill Cunningham

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