How to walk in heels? How to wear heels comfortably?

Well, most of the girls love wearing heels. But it’s not an easy task. Its looks so dashing and cool but yeah ask the person who wears them the whole day.  Some girls generally ask the question of how to walk in heels? It’s a little bit hectic, especially for one who started new.  But […]

How to Hide Belly Fat? – Hacks everyone should try

We all are what you eat. So, if your someone who loves to eat pizza, burgers and fries. Then you may know about which problem we are talking about. Yes, the belly fat. That line on our stomach, which prevents us to wear your favourite clothes, those fitting clothes and much more. So, let’s discuss how […]


Rachel Green a fictional character from six cast members of friends which started on September 22, 1994, and completed 236 episodes on May 6, 2004.  Rachel Green has influenced this web series a lot as during this series she became youth icon as well as wonder actress.  The Actual name of Rachel Green is Jennifer […]

Best Hair Styling Tools Every Girl Should Own in 2019

Whether you’re blessed with any kind of silky smooth, healthy hair. It does not mean that you don’t need the hair styling tools. These Tools should be with every girl, so to get a new look at whichever party you are rolling in. So, if you want to feel like you just step out of […]

Monica Geller Best Outfits which every girl should have in her wardrobe:

How are you spending your summer vacations? Well, most of the youngsters spend their vacations in watching the latest TV shows. And who priority list does not top F.R.I.E.N.D.S? Who does not aware of the name Monica Geller? This show is the best of all. We all know Rachel green is the fashion icon of […]

Ultimate guide on How to Dress for an Interview 2019

 A big part is played by your dressing when you went for an interview. But the main question arises how to dress for an interview especially if you’re going to the first interview of your life. Your dress plays an important role in getting your dream job.  Because of the way you dress represents how […]

7 Effective Ways How to Reuse Heavy Bridal Lehenga?

As we all know what a wedding lehenga means to a girl. A girl spent hours of hours or even numbers of days to choose the best lehenga for the big, and obviously the wedding dress cost of thousands of bucks and even lakhs.  But once after the big day is over, the question which […]

7 Chic and Stunning Ways How to style Sneakers?

In the present scenario, sneakers are most demanded and the most comfortable footwear and this is the reason almost everyone owns a lot pair of these. Especially if we go back and check the Nike sneakers which are trending now are the which was known as the athletic shoes in school. one question is what […]